Balancing Study and Work

At times, it can be difficult to both study on your coursework, and work on a part-time job. In most cases, most students do seek part-time jobs to sustain themselves with the harsh livelihood of campus. There are three main parts of every student’s life which consume most of their time: study, work, and their personal life. With both studying and working taking a huge part of a students life, the only ample time which remains is for personal stuff or activities. Many questions are faced with a dilemma of comprehending how to balance Studying and working and yet earn the best results of the two. So the question is:

How can you balance your studies, and work?

Have a well-structured and effective planning system

This is something that you need to live by! Comprehend a way that works best for you, be it a bullet journal, regular planner or digitalized calendar. Try to color code the areas of your life such as studying, lecture/tutorials, your job hours, social life, etc. Being able to observe things all at once can help you discover the free time you save whilst doing other tasks. Having the ability to refer to it should help you stay on top and not stressed over it!

◉Do things when you’re most awake or alert

If you’ve been at work for several hours, but still have a paper to write or homework to do, you’ll;

  • Be dreading it
  • Most likely too tired to work.

 I’d suggest either waking up earlier to get some of it out the way before you do a full days work. Even if you just do a bit of prep to get yourself going, it is better than nothing. Alternatively, if you’re feeling tired when you come home either take a cold shower, have a little nap or eat something that will give you some energy.

◉Try to get structured hours so as to balance study and Work.

This might not be available to you but if you have set hours or days per week that will make your life much easier. After a few weeks, you should be able to develop a routine! Such a routine is vital in balancing study and work.

Write things down constantly 

This ties in with having a planning system but when you think of something to do, don’t just leave it in your brain. You’ll forget and then end up remembering at an inopportune time. Get it out and externalize it. Having a ‘projects’ or ‘actions’ list should help you review the things you should be doing.

◉Review this and decide what to do next

When you decide to move a task from your ‘projects’ or ‘actions’ list, you need to assess what is the next move. Decide whether you can do it straight away. If it is under 2 minutes, do it there and then, If not, you can defer it or delegate it. When you choose someone else to work on it, make sure you send it to them and organize all that. If not, defer it to either a specific time in your calendar or a specific day.

Have a planning / Review day

I think this is really important for staying on top of your work, understanding how your time management is working out and what you should be changing. 

Having adhered to all the above simple guidelines, I can affirmatively guarantee you of a successful balance between your study and work time.

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