what we do not know


what we do not know

Paper instructions:
To do this, you will have to identify what information is still missing; what findings are unclear or inconsistent; and what questions you have from the review. These questions will also help establish your problem statement and the theoretical framework for your future study. These insights might determine the ultimate value of a research study more than any other factor. That is, your Module 3 task is to summarize “what we do not know” at this time. When you read a scholarly or peer-reviewed source, there will be a section that says what is not found, a section of limitations, a section that gives suggestions for further research, etc. This is where you will get the information on what is not yet known in your area. Or you may want to venture into areas that you feel need to be researched.

Do not be overly concerned with “what we do not know.” Just try to have some questions for further study on the diversity issue based on your reading so far. You also might want to identify some gaps that need to be filled. Identifying gaps may help you in the next part of the SLP.

My topic is: Should Whites Teach African-American History. I need to generate some research questions that will help me with this topic.


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