You will use the article “Technology and Love” on pages 72-73 of your textbook to create these notes. Your detailed notes and reflection should include a minimum of 300 words.

Lesson 2 Assignment (35 points) Using a Microsoft Word document, you will take notes on an article using the double-entry note-taking method learned in the lesson. You will use the article “Technology and Love” on pages 72-73 of your textbook to create these notes. Your detailed notes and reflection should include a minimum of 300 words.

You will upload your Microsoft Word document using the link below. Remember to have your quotes from the text in the left-hand column and your reflections in the right-hand column. See the example below for more information. Example of a Double-Entry Note-Taking Method Notes from the Text Notes from My Mind (What’s in the Book) Then you hit twelve or thirteen and boom, they tell you everything needs fixing (My Response) We learn a great deal about Ingrid’s personality at the beginning of Down the Rabbit Hole. She is in the orthodontist’s waiting room She has low self-esteem. She has braces. She plays soccer. Why not walk to soccer practice? She talks to Cracked-up Katie and goes in her house. (pg. 16-17) She seems independent, brave, and maybe a little (a lot) impulsive. She walks to the soccer field, even though she is not sure of the way, and it is about to storm. pg. 21 “What do you like to do the most?” That was easy “Drama.” Ingrid’s passion is drama. Is Ingrida a typical middle school student? What is typical about her? What is unique? Your work will be assessed by the following criteria: Grading Criteria Points Notes: The notes in the left column include quotes, ideas, questions, and predictions. Notes are based on the entire article, not just part of the article. | 10 Reflections: The reflections in the right-hand column include ideas, opinions, and personal connections. Reflections are based on the entire article, not just part of the article. | 10 Application: Applies the information from the textbook and the lesson to effectively take notes. 10 Convention: The writing is clear with few grammar/spelling mistakes. Total Possible Points TECHNOLOGY AND LOVE Technology influence romantic relationships. Women, it seems, are more likely to form relationships on the Internet than men. In a study some years ago, about 72 percent of women and 55 percent of men had formed personal relationships online. Not surprisingly, those who communicated more frequently formed more relationships. There are many advantages to establishing romantic relationships online. For example, online relationships are safe in terms of avoiding the potential for physical violence or sexually transmitted diseases. Unlike relationships established in face-to-face encounters, in which physical appearance tends to outweigh personality, Internet communication reveals your inner qualities first. Rapport and mutual self-disclosure become more important than physical attractiveness in promoting intimacy. And, contrary to some popular opinions, online relationships rely just as heavily on the ideals of trust, honesty, and commitment as do face-to-face relationships. Friendship and romantic interaction on the Internet are a natural boon to shut-ins and extremely shy people, for whom traditional ways of meeting someone are often difficult. Computer talk is empowering for those who have been disfigured or who have certain disabilities for whom face-to-face interactions are often superficial and often end with withdrawal. On the Internet, you’re free to reveal as much or as little about your physical self as you wish when you wish. Another obvious advantage is that the number of people you can reach is so vast that it’s relatively easy to find someone who matches what you’re looking for. The situation is like finding a book that covers just what you need from a library of millions of volumes rather than from a collection holding only several thousand. Of course, there are also disadvantages. For one thing, and depending on the software you’re using, you may not be able to see the person. And even if photos are exchanged, how certain can you be that the photos are of the person or that they were taken recently? In addition, you may not be able to hear the person’s voice, and this too hinders you as you seek to develop a total picture of the other person. 72 Practice Test 2-1 5 Online, people can present a false self with little chance of detection; minors may present themselves as adults, and adults may present themselves as children in order to conduct illicit and illegal sexual communications and, perhaps, meetings. Similarly, people can present themselves as poor when they’re rich, as mature when they’re immature, as serious and committed when they’re just enjoying the online experience. Although people can also misrepresent themselves in face-to-face relationships, the fact that it’s easier to do online probably accounts for a greater frequency of misrepresentation in computer relationships. Another potential disadvantage—though some might argue it is actually an advantage—is that computer interactions may become all-consuming and may substitute for face-to-face interpersonal relationships.

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